Thursday, March 16, 2017

#tarotthursdaythree: Desert islands, what's off limits, and getting in the mood.

Tarot Thursday Three was started by Spiral Sea Tarot at the beginning of the year. Each week, she posts three questions for tarot lovers everywhere to answer on their blogs, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or other social media.

1. Classic deserted island scenario: You're stranded for a year on an island, but can bring along one companion. Who from the court family keeps you company?

Queen of Pentacles, without a thought. She is practical and grounded, which is always good in a crisis. Also, her affinity for the earth and growing things would defiantly come in handy on a desert island.

2. What are off-limit topics for you; inquiries that make you say "I won't go there"? Or is anything fair game?

Anything that has to do with legal issues, health issues, or major life changes are areas that I have my clients re-frame their questions. For example, if someone came to me and asked me if their mother's cancer would get better, I would suggest that they ask instead "how can I be present for my mother in this difficult time for her?". This keeps the focus of the reading on the client, and not on people who aren't present. I also stress that I am not a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, etc and clients should ask those people advice on those specific matters.

3. How do you get into the mood to read tarot?

Getting into the mood to read varies greatly on who I am reading for. Some things are in common however. I always need something to drink, like coffee or a beer, and I like to have a crystal near by to hold. If I am reading for myself, I can get into the mood by pouring myself a hot cup of coffee and sitting by the window as I shuffle the cards. Some days I lay the cards down, take a picture, and read them later. Other days I feel like going through a large spread with oracle cards and extra meditation.
If I'm reading for an email reading, I will sit with my cards and read the client's question to my cards. I will make notes about what jumps out at me from their email, and then shuffle while focusing on the person I am reading for. If I'm reading in person, then I'm probably already in a mood to read for people. I always have my in person clients shuffle the cards while I talk to them about what they expect out of the reading, and this gives me time to ground myself.
If it's a day where I can't bring myself to even look at my cards, then I listen to my intuition. Above all, I want to keep my tarot practice spiritual and fun. Forcing myself to read when I know that I am not up to it is against my personal code of reading ethics.

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  1. Yes, totally feel you on keeping our practice spiritual and fun! Putting everything into a box and making a strict regimen tends to kill the vibe, so to speak, instead of encouraging it.

    Queen of Pentacles, good choice!